Bra: £8

Bottoms: £4

Hands up – I never wear matching underwear, EVER. Last week I found myself in bed attempting to remove my 5-year-old off-white (dirty) strapless bra before the guy I was with could see the monstrosity. It was successfully removed, thrown on the floor and sex was initiated. I mean, he probably couldn’t have given two shits what bra I was wearing anyway but it turns out I did.

Considering it had been 7, yes I repeat, 7 weeks since I had shaved my vagina before that fateful evening with said cute guy you’d think I would have at least considered a matching-set of underwear… lol next joke. I might look put together in my fedora but really I’m just covering up three days of unwashed hair. In an attempt to feel as organised and put together as possible I decided to purchase a matching set of underwear, seen above.

According to my mother you should always wear matching underwear. Because it makes you feel good about yourself? Sure. Because you might find yourself heading back to your flat after one-too-many drinks with a cute guy? Yep. But really it’s because ‘you might get run over and you don’t want the doctors to see you in clashing underwear, do you?’ Well, I guess not.

When I saw this set from Primark for £12, I knew I had to have it. As a fan of lace bras this set was just what I needed. Aesthetically, the set is beautiful – who doesn’t love floral print? Plus, it’s comfy too. As a UK size 8 I purchased the bra in a size M (10/12) because apparently Primark decide size 32c tits equal that size (still no idea how that works) and the knickers in a size S (6-8). Because they’re high-waisted the knickers look bloody huge on hanger but irl they sit perfectly.

You and I both know this will make no difference to my organisation skills but hey, at least I look good. Hopefully the paramedics will think so too. And fingers crossed that guy will too. I’ll keep you updated.



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