This is quiet possibly the creepiest thing anyone has ever said to me. That, and a conversation with a D-list celebrity involving copious amounts of saliva ( I will save that gem for another time!)

I was working in a pub minding my own business, feeling pretty sorry for myself actually. It was Saturday night and I had a cracked rib (again, that’s another cracking story). I’m serving this American guy, he was attractive, tattooed, perhaps a little short for the average person but let’s put it this way, he looked normal and you probably would.  We’re having a conversation and its pretty down to earth with a touch of sarcasm (from my end). Out of the blue he says ‘I want to leave behind a beautiful corpse’. I mean, that’s pretty weird but each to their own.

The yank then takes a step back, looks me up and down very slowly and a joker smirk (think Jack Nicholson) appears on his face. He says ‘you’d make a beautiful corpse’, at this point I stare extremely wide eyed at him, wondering if I heard him correctly? Surely not, surely thats not a statement you’d make to a total stranger?!

Well he did.. I was left thinking, great, this guy wants to murder me and shag my lifeless body……

What a great Saturday night!

CREEPOMETER: 1000000/10

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